Benicassim – Final Morning

Rich woke me at some point in the morning to hand over various items for which I was ( sleepily ) very grateful and said his farewells before heading off to begin his journey back to Kidderminister.

A while later I summoned up the energy to poke my head out of the tent and was greeted by a site which really announced the end of the festival festivities – where Rich and Tim & Gemmas tents had been there was now a big gap opening up a view of desolation of half dismantled tents, tired people and the detritus of 8 days camping. Coupled with a bit of a hangover and my general morning grumpiness it struck me as all being quite depressing.

Packing up and taking down the tents seemed to take a lifetime but during the process I began to cheer up with the thought of the next stage of the holiday in Barcelona, after a lovely cold shower and a lifesaving iced coffee courtesy of Dan I was feeling much happier and ready to go and find the car and head off on the next adventure.

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