Silly Things People Say

Whilst at the drinks urn yesterday I was minding my own business making myself some coffee. I generally put quite a lot of milk in coffee because it means it's not so hot which means I can drink it faster.

The usually unintelligble database person was hanging about trying to say something about databases and I was trying to explain to him that what he'd done the previous day ( stayed at work until 4AM in the morning fixing something ) was not only pointless and stupid it was also raising peoples expectations that anyone should work that late if necessary. Personally I have no intention of ever working past 5 in the evening no matter how disasterously wrong stuff goes so I don't want people expecting that I might.

Anyway, as I was making my milky coffee he said

"I thought you liked strong coffee ?"
"I do" I said
"But half of that cup is just milk ? That's not strong, look at my coffee it's really strong, it's black as night look"

People have said this to me before but they're wrong. The strength of coffee has nothing to do with how much milk you put in but how much coffee you put in.

"Yes, half of it is milk and about 1/8th of it is coffee. My cup is the same size as yours isn't it"
"Yes" he said "but I only have a dash of milk because weak coffee is for weaklings and I am very strong and macho"
"But you've filled the rest of the cup up with water though haven't you ?"
"Which dilutes coffee just as much as milk does doesn't it ?"
"I suppose it does"
"So it doesn't matter what you dilute the coffee with, milk isn't a magic coffee weakening agent is it ?"
"I suppose not"
"It just depends on the ratio of coffee to dilutent doesn't it ?"
"Yes, you've made your point. I just don't like milk"
"You should have just said that"

Often I also have to the argument that coffee contains less caffeine than tea with people quite often until they give in.