Key Skills

Programming / Scripting Skills

Lately I have taken on a fully fledged developement role using Microsoft BizTalk and C#/.Net.

.NET Framwork C# / Visual Basic
Visual Basic 5-6 Visual Basic For Applications
PHP 4-5 Perl
SQL Crystal Script
Programming / Scripting Skills

Web Development Skills

I have been proficient coding HTML for the last 5 years and more recently in XHTML used in conjunction with Style Sheets.

I have designed a number of websites for my previous employer's Intranet some of which have simply been static and others which generated their content using PHP and a backend database ( I also wrote the PHP engine ).

I have also designed this website and previously a website to sell some antique arms and armour and am conversant with modern web standards and guidelines.

Web Development Skills
J Script Dreamweaver
Fireworks Photoshop
The Gimp Apache
Microsoft IIS

Server Administration Skills

As part of my previous role I was responsible for an ACD server ( Aspect Call Centre Release 7-8 ), a Seagate Info server, a MySQL database server and an Apache webserver.

All of these servers were running various flavours of windows and were managed by myself in their entirety.

Server Administation Skills
Apache Microsoft IIS
Seagate Info MySQL
Windows NT / 2000

Application Skills

I have been using PC's for the past 15 years and have a wide and deep experience of most Microsoft Applications having provided 1st Line support and resolution for them for 2 years.

Application Skills
Microsoft Office 95 - 2003 Crystal Reports 7-10
MS Access 95 - 2003 Remedy
Windows NT / 2000 SQL Server
MySQL Dreamweaver
Microsoft Frontpage Fireworks
The Gimp Open Office / Star Office
Microsoft Project Microsoft Powerpoint
Seagate Info Administrator Crystal Enterprise XI
Crystal Enterprise

Aspect Skills

My previous role was managing an Aspect ACD system as part of a two man team. We were jointly responsible for all aspects of the ACD's operation including creating call flows, managing hardware changes and administering the agents and handsets.

Aspect Skills
Aspect Call Centre Rel. 6-8.4 Aspect System Managent Suite
Aspect Call Control Table Design Custom View Producer / Director
QMaster 1 & 2 Report Runner / Writer
Seagate Info Crystal Reports Designer
Aspect Real Time Server Windows 3.1/NT - XP/2000 Admin

Infrastructure Skills

I am generally interested in computing and spend a lot of my spare time learning about the subject. Although I have no formal qualifications I do have a wide knowledge and understanding of most of the components of a networked IT infrastructure and used in Server or Desktop PC's.

In the past this broad general knowledge has enabled me to learn specific new skills very quickly.

Infrastructure Skills
DHCP Windows Networking ( SMB )
Windows Printing Basic routing / network design
Web Proxies ( Squid etc ) E-Mail delivery