During the last year I have moved from a reporting into a development role using Microsoft BizTalk, C#/.NET and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I've been involved in a major project to migrate from a legacy installation of Ascent CRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The legacy CRM was heavily customised and integrated with our other business systems ( Sage, Microlise, Helix ) and my main role during the migration was to integrate Dynamics CRM with these other systems to ensure the data flow across the business could be maintained and existing business process did not need to be altered too much to accomodate the change in CRM system whilst at the same time leveraging the enhanced capabilities available in the new Dynamics CRM.

I developed several processes in Microsoft BizTalk ( 2006 R2 & 2009 ) to handle the data flow in and out of the CRM and ensure that any necessary business rules were applied to the data as it moved across and that the correct sequence was applied to the updates so we could maximise our efficiency using asynchronous processes where possible and provide a reliable synchronous update where it was still necessary. In addition to this I am also involved in all aspect of development in Dynamics CRM including plugin development, integrating Silverlight controls, JavaScript on entities, customisation of entities etc.

I played a lead role in the final load testing,reliability and resiliance testing of the new CRM during which period I was instrumental in identifying a number of show stopping bugs and resolving them within a very tight timeframe.

On a day to day basis my role is now to work with the business analysts to identify areas of improvement and provide either new BizTalk processes or .NET applications. Additionally I also provide advice and mentoring for the new reports team and fix bugs raised by the business for existing applications.

Previous to this I have 2 years experience adminstering an Aspect ACD switch for a major IT company and producing client and MIS reports using Seagate Info / Crystal Reports and a customised MySQL database.

I also have considerable experience in most aspects of Web design and content management and creation having developed an Intranet Knowledge based system which allowed for the dynamic management of information required by Analysts to resolve or refer queries from around 80 possible different clients

Recently I have taken redundancy from my last employer who moved my role to their centre in Inverness whilst I prefered to remain in Birmingham.

Currently I am living in Birmingham but working in Burton Upon Trent. I'm looking for roles on either a contract or permanent basis nearer to Birmingham and would like opportunities which build upon my BizTalk and Dynamics CRM experience.